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October 29, 2021: Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI) Session for the 14th AOGEO Symposium by online

The Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI) Session was convened online on October 29, 2021, as a sectional meeting of The 14th Asia-Oceania Group on Earth Observations (AOGEO) Symposium. More than 50 people participated, including directors from related organizations in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

In this session, the participants reported on the development of the Online Synthesis System for Sustainability and Resilience (OSS-SR), which was agreed on at the 13th AOGEO meeting, and the implementation status and future plan of the facilitator training using an e-learning system.

In addition, three experts in the respective fields spoke about cutting-edge research and development on agriculture and food, climate change and water use, ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction, and floods and poverty.

Based on the discussions, the session presented recommendations to the AOGEO General Assembly, which was held on from November 10 to 12.


1. Coutry Reports on the Platforms on Water Resilience and Disasters
 - Philippines 1, Dr. Anthony C. Sales, CESO III, Regional Director, DOST XI
 - Philippines 2, Prof. Patricia A. J. Sanchez, UPLB
 - Philippines 3, Mr. Socrates Paat, Jr., Assistant Weather Services Chief, PAGASA
 - Sri Lanka, Dr. Hemakanth Selvarajah, Irrigation Department
 - Indonesia, Dr. Ir. Eko, Director of Technical Development for Water Resources, PUPR,
   Ms. Aminingrum, Young Expert Disaster Policy Analyst, BNPB,
   Mr Marjuki, Coordinator for Climate Information Dissemination, BMKG,
   Dr. Dwi Prabowo, Head of Sub Directorate of Planning, KLHK,
   Mrs. Risda Sinaga, SP.M.Si., behalf of Director of Agricultural Irrigation, MoA

2. Thematic Presentations for Next Steps
 - Agriculture: Prof. Koki Homma, Tohoku University
 - Eco-DRR: Associate Prof. Takehito Yoshida, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,
University of Tokyo
 - Poverty: Prof. Akiyuki Kawasaki, University of Tokyo

3. Discussion on Inputs into the Statement of 14th AOGEO Symposium
 - Chair: Prof. Toshio Koike, ICHARM

*Link to the 14th AOGEO symposium

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