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October 24-25, 2018: Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI) Session for the 11th GEOSS Asia Pacific Symposium in Kyoto, Japan

The 11th Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) Asia-Pacific Symposium was convened on October 24-26, 2018, in Kyoto, Japan, under the theme of “Strengthening Regional Cooperation through AOGEOSS for the SDGs, Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework.” During the symposium, many sessions were hosted by various international organizations, including the one by the Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI), which promotes regional cooperation among countries participating in the International Flood Initiative (IFI).

The AWCI session was attended by representatives from countries where IFI is currently being implemented, such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Myanmar, including Hon. State Minister Palitha Range Bandara of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources & Disaster Management of Sri Lanka. Each representative reported the progress of a Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters in their countries. Then, a discussion followed on a regional cooperative framework among the participating countries. The session also set out concrete goals for AWCI’s contribution to SDGs, the Paris Agreement, and the Sendai Framework. Towards the end of the session, AWCI also had a joint session on water and agriculture with AsiaRiCE, a group focusing on agricultural issues, and talked about the promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration.

On October 26, the symposium was concluded by adopting the Kyoto Statement, which summarizes the results of all the sessions held during the symposium.


Day 1
1. Opening GEOSS/AWCI Breakout Session
 - Prof. Toshio Koike, ICHARM

2. Introductions to the International Activities on Water
 - Dr. Richard Lawford, GEOGLOWS
 - Dr. Shin-ichi Sobue, JAXA
 - Prof. Shahbaz Kahn, UNESCO

3. Report on the Platforms on Water Resilience and Disasters
 - Myanmar, Ms. HTAY HTAY THAN, Department of Meteorology and Hydrology
 - Philippines, Dr. Anthony C. Sales, CESO III, Department of Science and Technology XI
   Engr. Socrates Paat Jt., PAGASA Hydromet Department
   Engr. Jerry A. Fano, DPWH
   Dr. Patricia Ann J. Sanchez, UPLB ISCW
 - Sri Lanka 1, Prof. Srikantha Herath, Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development
 - Sri Lanka 2, Eng. S. Mohanarajah, Department of Irrigation
 - Sri Lanka 3, Mr. Seenipellage Chaminda Sugeeswara, Department of Irrigation
 - Sri Lanka 4, Eng. (Dr.) Asiri Karunawardena, National Building Research Organisation
 - Sri Lanka 5, Mr. Sarath Chandrasiri Vithana, Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka
 - Indonesia, Ms. Tri Nurmayati, The Agency For Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG)

Day 2
4. Keynote Lectures
 - Prof. Kenzo Hiroki, GRIPS

5. Special Report
 - Mr. Yoshiaki Kanno, JMA
 - Mr. Ian Morrison, NOAA

6. Demonstration of Platform Functions
 - Dr. Mohamed Rasmy, ICHARM

7. Contributions to SDGs, Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework
 - Prof. Toshio Koike, ICHARM

8. TG1 (Water)-TG5 (Agriculture) Joint Session
 - Dr. Richard Lawford, Morgan State University
 - Eng. S. Mohanarajah, Irrigation, Sri Lanka
 - Dr. Kei Oyoshi and Shinichi Sobue, JAXA
 - Dr. Mohamed Rasmy, ICHARM
 - Dr. Jean Balié, International Rice Research Institute
 - Dr. Anthony C. Sales, CESO III, Department of Science and Technology XI, Philippines
 - Dr. Thuy Le Toan, CESBIO, Toulouse, France

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