IUGG Union Symposium U02, Melbourne, 29 June & 2 July, 2011  

Co-organized by 

IUGG Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability (GeoRisk Commission) and 

Extreme Natural Hazards and Societal Implications (ENHANS) Project 

Co-sponsored by 


Co-lead convened by 

Kuniyoshi Takeuchi and Alik Ismail-Zadeh 

Co-convened by 

Tom Beer, David Boteler, Shigeko Haruyama, David Jackson, Fumihiko Imamura, Vladimir Kossobokov, John LaBreque, Uri Shamir, Ramesh Singh, Gerd Tetzlaff 


Union Symposium U-02 

Grand Challenges in Natural Hazards Research and Risk Analysis 

29 June 2011 


PDFG. McBean: The Grand Challenges of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk

( 4.5 MB)


PDF18.5 MB) J. Schneider, J. Sexton: Natural Hazard Risk Assessment in the Australasian Region: Informing Disaster Risk Reduction and Building Community Resilience


PDFS. Sorooshian: Satellite-based remote sensing estimation of precipitation for early warning systems: Strengths and Limitations

(11 MB)


PDFA. Kitoh: High Resolution 20-km Mesh Global Climate Model and Projected Hydro-meteorological Extremes in the Future

(3.5 MB)


PDFP. Linden, C. Nasci: Sustainability of the Venice Lagoon in the face of climate change

(6.5 MB)


PDFS. Dovers, J. Handmer: Disaster policy and climate change: how much more of the same?

(1.2 MB)


PDFJ. Eichelberger: Mitigating Volcanic Risk in the United States and Adjacent Pacific Region

(5.6 MB)


PDFH. Gupta: India's Tsunami Warning System: A Success Story

(11.6 MB)


PDFS. Zlatanova: Challenges in Data management during disasters 

(6.2 MB)


Open Forum   

Natural Hazards: From Risk to Opportunity by Partnership of Science and Society


PDFSalvano Briceno: For Implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction (YouTube vido)

(50 KB)


PDFTom Beer: Natural Hazards: from Risk to Opportunity - Science-Society Partnership

(2.4 MB)


PDFR. Kuroda: Partnership of Science and Society: A Grand Challenge 

(4.0 MB)


PDFS. Khan: Enhancing Social Resilience through Participatory Integrated Floods and Droughts Management - An Example from Pakistan

(3.4 MB)



Union Symposium U-02 extension  

Earth on the Edge - Recent Pacific Rim Disasters

2 July 2011 


PDFK. Takeuchi: Chain Reactions Happened in Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 

(2.3 MB)


PDFK. Satake: The Great Off Tohoku Earthquake of 11 March 2011 

(8.2 MB)


PDFF. Imamura: Tsunami disaster and impact due to the 2011Tohoku earthquake 

(12.4 MB)


PDFS. Kieffer, J.Colberg, J.Flowers: Flow regime transformations in the March 11, 2011 tsunami, Northern Honshu, Japan 

(2.6 MB)


PDFK. Irikura: Accidents at Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant caused by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake 

(3.6 MB)


PDFK.P. Furlong, G.P.Hayes, M.Quigley, H.Benz: Tectonic Context and Implications of the Canterbury, New Zealand Earthquake Sequence 

(6.5 MB)


N. Nicholls: Weather & Climate Prediction and the Brisbane 2011 Floods