5th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM5)
27-29 September 2011, Tokyo-Japan

                       Floods: From Risk to Opportunity 

ICFM5: Hotels

1- Please reserve a hotel prior of your arrival to Japan. The ICFM5 Secretariat is ready to assist you if you need help.

2- The Conference venue for the first day (27 September) is United Nations University in Shibuya area of Tokyo and for the second and the third day (28 and 29 September) is at UDX in Akihabara area of Tokyo. Please visit the Conference venue page for more details. We would like to recommend you to reserve a hotel in Akihabara or nearby stations such as Tokyo or Ueno.

3- Please use the ICFM5 Secretariat phone number (029 879 6809) if the hotel reservation needs a local telephone number in Japan for confirmation.

ICFM5 Venue

A) Hotels in walking distance to the Conference venue on 28 & 29 Sep: The following three hotels in Akihabara area of Tokyo. The price is reasonable and they are located in a walking distance to the Conference venue on 28 and 29 September. Please see the map at the end of this page for the location of these three hotels and conference venue.
A1) Washington Hotel in Akihabara: 日本語, English, 中文
A2) Hotel REMM Akihabara: 日本語, English, 中文
A3) Via INN Hotel: 日本語, English

B) Economic hotels option for Akihabara and nearby stations: The following hotels are located in one or two train stations distance from the conference venue on 28& 29 September. 
B1) Toyoko-Inn Hotel:Tokyo Kanda Akihabara (the nearest one)
B2) Toyoko-Inn Hotel:
Tokyo Tsukuba Express Asakusa-eki
B3) Toyoko-Inn Hotel:Tokyo Asakusa Kuramae Kaminarimon
B4) Toyoko-Inn Hotel:Tokyo Nihon-bashi Ningyo-cho
B5) Toyoko-Inn Hotel:Tokyo Nihon-bashi Hamacho Meijiza-mae
B6) Toyoko-Inn Hotel:Tokyo Nihon-bashi
B7) Toyoko-Inn Hotel:Tokyo Ueno Tawaramachi-eki

C) Other options including luxury hotel: The followings hotels are also located in Akihabara area or nearby.
C1) Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi日本語, English (luxury hotel)
C2) Hotel Unizo: 日本語, English
C3) Olympic Inn Kanda: 日本語, English
C4) Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho: 日本語, English, 中文
C5) Tokyo Green Hotel 日本語, English

 Nearest hotels to ICFM5 venue on 28 & 29 Sep. (Option A)