5th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM5)
27-29 September 2011, Tokyo-Japan

                       Floods: From Risk to Opportunity 

ICFM5: Guidelines for Poster Presentations

NEW Announcement for Poster Presentations and Booth preparation NEW

1. Poster presentation :

(1) All the abstracts accepted for the poster presentation will be published in the Conference proceedings;

(2) The posters will be displayed with good visibility in the ICFM5 on September 28 and 29; at Akihabara UDX Next1.

(3) The maximum poster size is A0 (W: 841 mm , H: 1170 mm). We would like to suggest to use double-stick tape which will be provided by secretariat. We will prepare an exhibition panel: W90cm×H180cm

(4) Timing to put your poster: 15:30-17:30 on September 27th or from 9:00-9:30 on September 28th at the venue. Please refer your number on the list (PDF file).

(5) Timing to remove: 15:15- 16:00 on 29th


General Information: 
1- A detailed schedule for set-up posters on September 28 and take-down them on September 29 will be provided.
2- Maximum size of the poster is A0 (W: 841mm, H: 1170mm) 

Materials Provided by the ICFM5 Secretariat
A0 standing corkboard to set-up posters and tacks

Materials You are Encouraged to Bring

  • Posters
  • Additional Handouts
  • Business Cards

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each poster should include a topic/title across the top. The Font Size should be at least 24 point, in bold printing to be seen easily. 
  • Underneath the topic/title, authors’ names, job title/position, company/school, postal addresses, and e-mail addresses should be listed in larger than 16 point type. 
  • The text information should be in 16 point type or larger. 
  • The poster must NOT be a commercial/product sales poster. 
  • Specific times and locations for Poster set-up and take down will be forwarded to you as the information becomes available. Please note that anything left in the poster area after the specific take-down period will be discarded. The ICFM5 Secretariat will not be responsible for your Poster. 
  • To be accepted to the ICFM5, the author or at least one of the coauthors, has to be registered for the ICFM5. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact the ICFM5 Secretariat at info@ifi-home.info