5th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM5)
27-29 September 2011, Tokyo-Japan

                       Floods: From Risk to Opportunity 

ICFM5: Large-scale Floods Report Book


Edited by Dr. Ali Chavoshian and Prof. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi  

ISSN: 0386-5878, 207 pages 

ICHARM Book Series No.1 , September 2011 

This book is a contribution from ICHARM to the International Flood Initiate (IFI). 


About the book: 

In order to understand best flood management policy practices and lessons learned, ICHARM has launched a project to collect the experiences of past large-scale floods. In total, 11 original reports have been collected from around the world to cover different socio-economic and climate conditions.   

This book is not a catalogue of large–floods describing causes, processes and consequences in detail but rather analyses of lessons and policy implications that the authors abstracted from the events.  

The target groups and audiences of this book are policy makers and flood risk managers, particularly those who are involved in decision making to deal with large-scale floods with national and regional impacts.  

It is difficult to cover all aspects of comprehensive flood management policy in a single volume. However, the editors hope the book will be a useful reference to different experiences of flood management in various parts of the world and beneficial to practitioners, decision makers and researchers for their sincere efforts in flood management. 


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