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International Flood Initiative

 IFI Meetings

There is two types of IFI meetings. IFI Advisory Committee (IFI-AC) meetings and IFI Management Committee (IFI-MC) meetings. It is possible for some reason this two meetings combine together. It is also possible for IFI to participate and organize special sessions in the related International and regional conferences and events.

IFI Advisory Committee: 

  Representative of the UNESCO IHP Inter-governmental  Council

 Representative of the WMO Commission for Hydrology

 Representative of ISDR

 Representative of UNU

 Representative of ICHARM and Secretarial support

Terms of References

Provide a forum for the identification of the activities of the participating organizations that will comprise IFI

Guide the integration of these activities in a manner that reflects the principles of IFI

Identify gaps and future requirements in relation to the objectives of IFI

Make recommendations to the participating organizations on additional activities that should be considered to be undertaken by those organizations

Review and report back to their respective constituent bodies on the effectiveness of IFI against the agreed performance indicators

IFI Management Committee:

Representative of the UNESCO IHP Secretariat

Representative of the WMO Secretariat

Representative of ISDR Secretariat

Representative of UNU

Representative of ICHARM and secretarial support

Representative of IAHS

Representative of IAHR

Representative of IIASA

Representative of ICLR

Terms of References

Manage the implementation of the activities under IFI.