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International Flood Initiative

 IFI Programs

The initiative will be implemented in an interdisciplinary, participatory and cooperative manner, and will be characterized by projects of trans-sectoral scope, as outlined in the previous section. This implementation will be carried out bearing in mind that flood management is an integral part of water resources management and should aim to increase the resulting social and economic welfare in an equitable manner without compromising sustainability of vital systems. The section builds on these concepts and will outline the strategic activities and plan that will dictate the preliminary actions of the initiative. Following this, performance indicators to support and monitor implementation are described. Finally, the planned projects and achievements are outlined:

- IFI Action Plan

- Achievements

For more information about the IFI Framework: Download (PDF, 116KB) 

Additional Resources:
IFI Introduction (PPT, 2.3MB) and (PDF, 800KB)
IFI Pamphlet (PDF, 843KB)