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International Flood Initiative

 IFI Official Meetings

*New* IFI Planning Workshop (UNESCO, Paris, February 7-8th 2013).
As an output of the pre-AC/MC meeting hold on November 13th, IFI planning workshop took place from February 7-8th 2013 for 1.5days in Paris at UNESCO HQ. MC and AC members as well as observers were invited. The workshop minutes are available here (PDF, 1.3MB). Moreover, it was agreed to draft a proposal for the first IFI flagship project and its conceptual note is available here (PDF, 545KB).

*New* A pre-AC/MC IFI meeting (WMO, Geneva, November 13th 2012)
At the occasion of WMO 14th Commission for Hydrology hold from November 6-14th 2012 in Geneva, a pre-AC/MC IFI meeting (lunch and afternoon session) took place on November 13th 2012 at WMO Geneva. WMO, UNESCO and IFI Secretariat representatives met and the minutes of the two sessions are available here (PDF, 602KB).

The Forth IFI Meeting (e-meeting using SKYPE, 26 January 2010)
E-mails exchanging among the representatives of the IFI Advisory Committee members (UNESCO, WMO, UNU and UN/ISDR) from January 4th to March 2nd and an IFI net-meeting on 26 January. As this is the latest IFI meeting, please check here for detail information and outcomes: Meeting Report (PDF, 27 KB) and IFI Action List (PDF, 105 KB)

IFI Workshop in the occasion of the 2nd Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (Geneva, 19 June 2009)
 The Special Event on “Charting Global Agenda for Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction - A follow-up on the report of the High-level Expert Panel on Water and Disaster (HLEP/UNSGAB) was organized by the International Flood Initiative (IFI) on June 19. 2009 in Geneva. The event was opened by official statement of the Ambassador of Japan in Geneva and more than 25 representatives of different organizations took part it. The main conveners of the event were WMO, UNU, UN/ISDR, UN/ESCAP and ICHARM as the IFI Secretariat.  The workshop emphasized two very important commitments for IFI in the “Water and Disaster” report drafted by the high-level expert panel on water and disaster of UNSGAB. ( IFI Commitments, PDF- 761KB). Please check here for more detail information.



IFI Workshop in the occasion of the 5th World Water Forum (Istanbul, 21 March 2009)
 Please check here for more detail information. 

The Third IFI Meeting (Tsukuba, 2 October 2008)
The third meeting of the Advisory Committee (AC) and Management Committee (MC) of the International Flood Initiative (IFI) was held at ICHARM on 2 October 2008. The main agenda of this joint meeting was to propose the IFI Action Plan.  Following the review of the IFI mapping activities exercise, the discussion on the IFI Action Plan went to emphasize the role of the initiative in synthesizing what we already know on flood issues and translating available research and studies to an understandable format for flood policy makers. In order to formulate sensible IFI outcomes, three types of IFI products were proposed: 
- IFI briefs: About 2 pages (at most 4 pages); a brochure-type multilingual publication to communicate flood issues and available solutions to governments and policy makers. They can be in a printed format or web-based. 
- IFI reference series: A kind of guidebooks and manuals to fulfill gaps and elaborate in detail on flood issues and solutions for practical use with respect to ongoing activities at WMO and various other available texts. 
- IFI web tutorials: web-based education and training with respect to the available e-courses at UNU and UNESCO-IHE. 

In order to promote the exposure of IFI activities, it was agreed that the IFI Secretariat at ICHARM should publish IFI newsletters and periodical reports. They can be distributed using the UNESCO-IHP network as well as WMO-CHy and other relevant networks. The next meeting of the IFI AC/MC will be held at Geneva-WMO Headquarters on the occasion of the 2nd Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (16-18 June 2009). 

The Second IFI Meeting (Toronto, 5 May 2008)
The full report includes the meeting's minute, list of the participants, meeting Agenda, proposal of establishing flood disaster preparedness ISO and the new format of mapping activities. Click here to download a short version of the report includes Agenda and list of the participants. (PDF, 40KB)

The First IFI Meeting (Geneva, 26 January 2007)
The full report of the meeting includes the meeting's minute, list of the participants, meeting Agenda, format of mapping activities, framework for implementation of IFI and Expected outputs. Click here to download a short version of the report includes Agenda and list of the participants. (PDF, 22KB)